Dynamic 200% Bonus

This Programme for Aggressive Traders, Traders can take the advantage of this programme to generate more volume and profit with the Small Investment.


  • 200% of the Deposit Amount
  • Up to $3000 per Profile
  • Up to $1000 per Account
  • 200% Protection during Drawdown

Deposit Bonus will be auto credit into your trading account whenever you deposit your fund. This bonus is only applicable to Micro, Active Trader and Standard categories in Cabana Capitals with terms and conditions applied. You are free to instruct us to cancel or receive any 'Deposit Bonus' via our live support or email to backoffice@cabanacapitals.com.

  • The promotion is available for Micro account with no active bonuses obtained.
  • To get the bonus Client has to:
    1. Verify personal data and phone number.
    2. Make a deposit not less than 100 USD or equivalent to this account.
  • Maximum available leverage for trading with this bonus is 1:400.
  • The bonus is credited into account balance and acts as a margin support, even in the situation when the funds reach stop-out level.
  • The bonus amount is equal to 200% of deposit amount.
  • Bonus funds can't be transferred between the accounts.
  • Other bonuses cannot be obtained on the account with active Dynamic bonus.
  • The maximum active bonus amount on one account is 1000 USD (or equivalent).
  • Bonus Profit = Bonus profit made with the help of Bonus, (distributes 50/50 between bonus profit and funds profit).
  • The profit made with the help of Client’s own funds is available to be withdrawn without any restrictions.
  • Deposited funds become available for withdrawal/transfer between Client’s accounts only after the bonus conditions are fulfilled or the bonus is cancelled by a Client.
  • Bonus profit/loss is the profit/loss made from the moment the bonus funds are credited into account.
  • Bonus profit becomes available for withdrawal/transfer after meeting the required trading volume condition: Bonus amount / 2 (lots).
  • CFD, Indices and ETF trading are not taken into lots and profit calculations.
  • After the required trading volume condition is met, the bonus amount continues to take part in trading and support margin, and the bonus profit/loss is no longer distributed between Bonus and Client’s own funds.
  • The bonus amount credited at the moment of deposit cannot be withdrawn and can be cancelled only.
  • The bonus funds can be cancelled:
    1. by sending an email to backoffice@cabanacapitals.com.
    2. automatically in case of insufficient funds on trading account (0.5 USD and lower).
  • In case of fraudulent activities (such as a bonus is received by one client for several accounts, multidirectional orders, meaningless lots generating etc.), the company reserves the right to cancel the account(s), the bonus amount and the profit gained with this bonus without notice.
  • In case bonus is cancelled in Trader’s cabinet, the whole bonus and the profit made with the help of bonus funds are cancelled only in case the required trading volume conditions are not fulfilled.
  • Partners commission would be shared between company and Partners.
  • In case of any fraudulent activities detection (such as: receiving of the bonus by one client on several profiles; trading from several profiles by one client; lots generating without any trading purpose; multidirectional trades; any other violation of the Client agreement and Rules of proceedings for bonuses and promotions; etc.), the Company reserves the right to cancel the bonus and all the bonus funds, including bonus profit, without notice.
  • In case of detection of any connection between two or more profiles (IP addresses, devices, etc.), anonymity tools usage (decentralized/hybrid networks, Tor, proxy servers, VPN-networks, specialized software, etc.), the Company reserves the right to cancel the bonus, including bonus profit, without notice.
  • The Company reserves the right not to reveal the methodology of fraudulent activities detection.