Cabana Capitals brings a whopping 35% trading bonus (up to $1,000) to your trading account deposit

  • Get up to $1,000 in Trading Bonus from Cabana Capitals to achieve your Financial goals
  • Trade with high margin level
  • No minimum number of trade requirements
  • Non withdraw-able Trading Bonus

Are you ready to get up to $1,000 Trading Bonus to help you reach your financial goal?

Trading Bonus is applicable on Micro, Active Trader, Standard, Premium and Elite account types. A bonus on your deposit(s) gives you a considerable $1,000 on top of your investment amount, giving you the ability to start trading with even more power and more confidence.

What is the Trading Bonus?

The Trading Bonus offers an additional 35% on any funds deposited (of your first deposit) up to $1,000.

Who Can Claim This?

This bonus is automatically available for all clients who deposit funds into their trading accounts from the first deposit until the maximum bonus amount of $1,000 has been reached.

Fund Your Account

Trading bonus examples

Use the examples in the table below as a quick reference guide on how the Trading Bonus is applied in relation to the size of your deposit.

Your Deposit Bonus Applied Your Bonus Trading Capital Equity
$50 35% on $50 $17.5 $67.5
$100 35% On $100 $35 $135
$250 35% On $250 $87.5 $337.5
$500 35% On $500 $175 $675
$1000 35% on $1000 $350 $1350
$2000 35% on $2000 $700 $2700
$3000 35% on $2857 $1000 $4000

Read the full Terms and Conditions here.

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